Offtopic Friday humour…More on the Automotive Industry..!

So I am sure some of you have seen the Automotive announcements around Formula 1 that I have to say are to the best of my knowledge not confirmed yet. However the rumour is that Bridgestone and Microsoft have been granted exclusive contracts to be the sole suppliers, of tyres and ECUs respectively, of Formula 1 beginning in 2008.

The Formula 1 enthusiast site has some amusing jokes around this topic - I could at this moment be all serious and Corporate and not share them but to be honest we are all human and they do help raise a smile:

The one thing I would say is that Reliability has been a core tenet of the Trustworthy Computing initiative for years so you want to read more on a serious note then please have a look at the facts around this here:

Have a great weekend all!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    So as an follow up to the blog I did a few weeks back on F1 use of MS technology (Offtopic…

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