Auto industry revs up high-performance computing!!

So this week there have been a few stories in the press around MS in the automotive industry and as it's Friday afternoon I thought I would share them both you all as well as the hilarious stories happening around the latter - typical Microsoft banter 🙂

Firstly, there has been the vertical launch in the Automotive industry of Microsoft's HPC offering - I initially read about this here:

And quickly got to this Microsoft site detailing our offerings - echoing my thoughts from the earlier post around 'HPC for the masses':

What I found so exciting about this announcement and the further announcements we will have around Engineering and Academia etc is that we are helping to bring the power of high performance computing into the reach and grasp of the business power users who need it - freeing them from the expensive bespoke projects that HPC has orientated around in the past. The opportunity therefore for HPC partners will grow exponentially as new target audiences can be addressed who in the past have not been able to afford to run and or manage projects. The extra upsell and cross sell opportunities will also start to come onstream as the benefits stated in the press release above allow integration to the wider MS offerings. Specifically i am refering to the following:

 With the ability to exchange complex files simply among PCs, collaboration will improve significantly.

 Computational jobs will be submitted through the Web as a matter of course, with results shared through portals.

So start to imagine a world where the organisations and bodies working together can deliver scientific collaboration in a virtual world - something that the commercial world has taken for granted for years. Then start to evaluate the potential for you to grow your business on the back of that opportunity - all new upsell and crosssell opportunities for you!

I will post the next more humourous article in a subsequent post as I have ranted on a bit here 🙂


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