Client RPC Dialog box questionnaire for Administrators

There are times when you are troubleshooting an Exchange Server issue where it appears that the server is performing OK, but the users are still complaining of the dreaded RPC dialog box and hangs in their client. Most of the time an Exchange administrator or helpdesk personnel needs to speak directly with the end user to determine what actions they were taking at the time the RPC dialog box occurs. Since there are numerous ways which can promote this dialog box, an administrator needs to understand specific actions that users were taking at the time of the problem. A lot of the times, this has nothing to do with server side performance problems, but rather something that is installed on the client or something the user is doing.

I have created a simple document in which the users can answer to allow you to gain some insight in to a users actions and their habits that are aggravating this RPC dialog box.

The document is password protected so that the fields are checkable. The password currently is "Microsoft".

Please provide feedback regarding this document to help make this better.



Client Questionnaire.doc

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