Updated Exchange 2003 Perfwiz

For all of you folks out there still hanging on to Exchange 2003 and dealing with performance issues, I have taken the liberty to update the Perfwiz data counter collection to the latest/greatest counters as the old Perfwiz tool on our download site is severely outdated.


Exchange 2003 Update Perfwiz

  1. Extract the contents of the attached zip file to your Exchange server.
  2. Open Performance Monitor
  3. Expand Performance Logs and Alerts and select Counter Logs.
  4. Right click Counter logs and select "New Log Settings From". Select the htm file that was extracted in Step 1. Click OK
  5. Select the Log Files tab and click the Configure button
  6. For the Log location, change this to a location of your choice. Click Ok
  7. Click OK to save the Performance Counter log.
  8. To start the Perfmon log, right click "Exchange_2003_Perfwiz" and then select Start.
  9. Let this run during the problem period where performance is affected
  10. Stop the perfmon log by right-clicking "Exchange_2003_Perfwiz" and selecting Stop
  11. Make arrangements with a CSS representative to get the files analyzed.

Counter Collection List

\Database ==> Instances(*)\*
\Exchange Server HTTP Extensions(*)\*
\Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync\*
\MSExchange Intelligent Message Filter(*)\*
\MSExchange Oledb Events(*)\*
\MSExchange Oledb Resource(*)\*
\MSExchange Sender ID(*)\*
\MSExchange Web Mail(*)\*
\MSExchangeActiveSyncNotify OmaPush\*
\MSExchangeDSAccess Caches(*)\*
\MSExchangeDSAccess Domain Controllers(*)\*
\MSExchangeDSAccess Processes(*)\*
\MSExchangeIS Mailbox(*)\*
\MSExchangeIS Public(*)\*
\MSExchangeMTA Connections(*)\*
\MSExchangeSA - NSPI Proxy\*
\MSExchangeTransport Filter Sink(*)\*
\MSExchangeTransport Store Driver(*)\*
\Network Interface(*)\*
\Paging File(*)\*
\SMTP NTFS Store Driver(*)\*
\SMTP Routing(*)\*
\SMTP Server(*)\*
\Web Service(*)\*



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