Performance Counter Collection Tools for Exchange

I've created a Category called Perfwiz in which you can easily find all Perfwiz versions. Click on to get you there.

Have a good one!!

Comments (2)

  1. Richard says:

    I'm trying to download the custom XML perfmon counters you created to capture speciifc performance counters for Exchange 2010 but they're no longer available on the web host. Do you think you may be able to make them available again?

    Exchange_2010_Perfwiz-MBX.xml (and)


    Link taken from…/perfwiz-for-exchange-2010.aspx

    Thanks – or send them to richos90 AT

  2. Mike Lagase says:

    Can you use Experfwiz script as it is easier to setup and has a lot more options to it. The XML files have been abandoned in lieu of the script.

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