Update: Windows 2003 Scalable Networking pack and its possible effects on Exchange

I made an update today on the EHLO site for this blog at http://msexchangeteam.com/archive/2007/07/18/446400.aspx regarding some additional information regarding a new Broadcom Driver release that helps with connectivity issues with offloading features enabled. Check it out. Mike


Excessive paging on Exchange 2007 servers when working sets are trimmed

For a list of current recommendations to help alleviate these issue, click here Recently, there has been a rash of performance issues on Exchange 2007 Mailbox servers where they become unresponsive due to excessive paging. Previously this was tracked down to .NET garbage collection not occurring properly which caused managed services to consume excessive amounts…


Outlook 2007 users cannot view Free/Busy times for any user.

After looking at this, we verified that Autodiscover was in fact working properly and the correct URLS were being returned. With that said, we then opened https://servername.domain.com/ews/services.wsdl and this returned successfully. This file is used to describe the operations and properties exposed to the client when a SOAP request is made to determine how to…


Outlook 2007 clients unable to perform Check name

Yesterday, I had an interesting issue where no Outlook 2007 clients were not able to perform a check name operation against any Exchange Server or Global Catalog server and we were continually prompted for authentication. Outlook 2003 clients and earlier did not have this problem. This environment was a simple setup with a single Exchange 2007…