Exchange 2010 Edge – Unable to Relay

Got a call from a customer informing me that inbound mails are bouncing with 550 Unable to relay – but only on 1 of their Exchange 2010 Edge servers. The other server works fine. First thing I ask is whether the receive connector on the Edge server has Anonymous permissions allowed – upon which they…


Office 365 – Outlook Certificate Popups

I got a mail the other day from a colleague requesting assistance on behalf of a partner around an Office 365 certificate error in Outlook. The scenario was that a certificate expired – I’m not sure what certificate they referred to so I assumed the ADFS/TLS certificate. They renewed the certificate, but Outlook clients were…


Office 365 Certificates and the Hybrid Configuration Wizard

It’s been a while since my last blog, but the world of Microsoft Consulting has been keeping me very busy. In this post I’m going to cover an issue I picked up during an Office 365 Hybrid deployment for a customer. I’m not going to go into much detail around the actual deployment as there’s…


Distributing offline address books to multiple generation servers.

I’ve been involved in relatively large Exchange Server 2010 multi-tenanted solutions recently and during my deployments we decided to move away from a dedicated server for Offline Address Book (OAB) generation to increase the efficiency of OAB generation while decreasing the time it takes for the OABs to generate. In a multi-tenanted environment you have…


Why the correct load balancing persistence is so important in Exchange Server 2010?

I’m sure this has been covered by many other sources on the internet, but I thought I’d put down my thoughts on the matter as many people still don’t understand why the correct load balancing configuration is important. I’ve been involved in a number of Exchange Server 2010 deployments during my last couple of months…


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