Office 365 Post Service Upgrade

Office 365 customers running on Wave 14 tenants are gradually being upgraded to Wave 15 tenants. Although communication is being sent out to customers I wanted to add to my blog to help with the visibility in the requirements post upgrade. Customers need to plan for the below dates and need to be prepared. You should be aware of some of the following prerequisites that will be required by the deadlines specified or you might experience some service interruptions after the specified dates:

Action: Please make sure you have deployed the following Service Packs.

  • Service Pack 3 for Outlook 2007 (KB2591039)
  • Service Pack 1 for Outlook 2010 (KB2460049)

Public updates for Office 2007 and Office 2010:

  • By 1 July 2013
    • Outlook 2010 April 2012 cumulative public update (KB2553248)
  • By 1 October 2013
    • Outlook 2007 July 2012 cumulative public update (KB2596598)
  • By 8 April 2014
    • Outlook 2010 Nov 2012 cumulative public update (KB2687623)
    • Outlook 2007 Nov 2012 cumulative public update (KB2687404)

For detailed information see here:

The above updates are also required for any customer starting out directly with a new Wave 15 tenant. I found that if the Office suite is not updated as per the prerequisites the Outlook 2010 profile might get corrupted once the mailbox has been moved from on-premise to Exchange Online. This essentially then requires that a new profile be created.

I also urge all current Office 365 Wave 14 tenants to constantly check out the FOPE Administration console for any FOPE related notifications – these notifications are not shown on the Office 365 Portal and you might miss out on important changes coming from a FOPE point of view that could have an impact on your environment.

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