OM Agent fails to execute scripts – Warning Event 21405

If you ever find yourself in the situation where you notice (Alerts in the console or Operations Manager event log on an agent) that an agent is not able to successfully execute some scripts you should check locally on the agent in the Operations Manager event log to see if you get the Warning level Event 21405 for different scripts. The error details should be more or less similar to this:

"The process started at TIME_STAMP failed to create SYSTEM_DATA, no errors detected in the output. The process exited with EXIT_CODE"

There will also be different other details like the script name, location, workflow name, etc. available in the error details.

In some situations, this issue occurs because of Anti-Virus software not being properly configured to exclude script-scanning of the OM Cache folder (where the scripts are located) and/or other AV issues.

However, in other situations we have found out that this issue can also occur if the permissions get messed up on this registry key:


The default (needed) permissions on this key should be the following:

  • Administrators (LocalSystem / Administrators) (READ ACCESS)
  • Users (LocalSystem / Users) (READ ACCESS)
  • TrustedInstaller (Full Control ACCESS)

Now, if you by any chance see that there is something missing there, you should correct this - best thing would be to reassign these default permissions and then just restart the agent (System Center Management service) on the agents where you notice these kinds of issues.

After this, if this does not get solved you should definitely also check the Anti-Virus configuration (folder scanning exclusions, script-scanning exclusion, etc.) as described in the following blog post:



Good troubleshooting! 😀






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