Making the OM 2012 Web-Console accessible from a Windows XP Client

Ok, so you've installed the System Center Operations Manager 2012 Web-Console and want to access it from a Windows XP Client.

Now when you try to access the console you get an error message: The procedure entry point LocaleNameToLCID could not be located in the dynamic link library Kernel32.dll

This happens because SilvelightClientConfiguration.exe has a dependency made on an API that is only available in Windows Vista and later operating systems.


To resolve this issue, download an execute the attached OM2012WebConsoleFix.reg file on each Windows XP SP3 client from which you want to access the OM 2012 Web-Console.

What this will do is create/import 2 MSCodeSign certificates into the Trusted Publishers certificate store of the computer account - one for the OM 2012 and one for the OM 2012 Update Rollup 1 Web-Console. It will also set the registry key to allow Silverlight to run elevated.


Importing the certificates into the Trusted Publisher store makes all binaries Authenticode-signed with MSCodeSign certificate trusted by default. This includes the Web Console XAP, which is authenticode-signed with the same certificate. Having the XAP authenticode-signed with a trusted certificate is one of the requirements of the Silverlight Runtime to run the Silverlight application in Elevated Trust mode.


NOTE: With each Update Rollup it may be that new versions of the MSCodeSign Certificate will be shipped, so if this does not work, then simply open the Web Console once on a Vista+ Computer and then get it's certificate (the correct new one) and import it directly on all the XP Clients.


PS: should be about time to migrate from XP I guess ... 😉


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone seen a new cert for SP1 UR2 yet?

  2. as far as I have seen until now, the certificate for UR2 and UR3 hasn't changed since UR1 so it should work – no other customers experienced this issue again after upgrading to a newer update than UR1 so yes this will work.

    This has to stay the same for further updates as well – ONLY if the certificate will need to be modified then it won't work. So in case that in any future UR the certificate will be changed then I will update this registry fix to include the new certificate.

  3. John_Curtiss says:

    is this going to work going forward with update rollups higher than #1?

    "…one for the OM 2012 Update Rollup 1 Web-Console"

  4. Get it directly from the registry of the OM Web Console server. If a new Certificate was added with the UR2 Update, then you will see the new entry there.

  5. Cbray says:

    You are the greatest! this saved my ass today!

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