Troubleshooting KMS Activation – Part 1, the client

Windows activation is simple and straightforward if you understand the components.  I have had a few customers that stumbled when getting a KMS online and in every case it has been an issue with name resolution, network connectivity, or they simply did not understand how to use the keys.  Activation is designed to help you…


6 Reasons Server 2008 Matters in School/University Environments

It’s not always easy to wade through the broad messaging and identify how a product might benefit a specific industry.  This is by no means a definitive list.  I have not addressed advances in IIS, for example, because I’m not a web guy.  I also dropped a few items just to make the list digestible…


NAP can work in Higher Education

In fact it already is.  One of the Technology Adoption Program (TAP) customers was in fact a University.  See the webcast here: I will do my best to get this represented at the Windows HI-ED conference. Technorati tags: Windows Server 2008, Network Access Protection


Nice collection of Server 08 info

… on Matt’s site.  I will be adding these to my collection for Server_2008. Microsoft Higher Education Tech NE : Longhorn…um I mean Windows Server 2008 Technorati tags: Microsoft, Windows Server 2008

Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Network Benchmark Study

Interesting info.  The details of this report include enough information you could easily use it as a guide for your own testing. Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Network Benchmark Study Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 include significant network performance improvements that can increase user productivity. This third-party benchmark study done by The Tolly…

WDS/Multicast info from TechEd

This is a great blog entry about a TechEd session focused on Multicast in Windows Server 2008 Windows Deployment Services.  Some very interesting information about special options to detect and deal with the slowest clients on your network.  Josh’s Windows Weblog : TechEd 2007 – Day 2 – WDS Multicast Deployments Coming Technorati tags: Microsoft, Windows, Server,…