What is the quickest/easiest way to open the Network Connections page in Vista/2008

In other words to get to this page. I’ll be honest, having to navigate through the Network and Sharing Center can sometimes be an extra step for me rather than a value-add.  At times it can be very helpful, at other times I just want to get to the IP configuration page for a network…


posting today – Vista SP1 for all 36 languages

From the Vista team blog: Starting today, users will be able to choose to manually install Windows Vista SP1 via Windows Update or download the standalone installer from the Microsoft Download Center (x86 and x64) for any of the 36 supported languages Windows Vista Team Blog : Releasing Windows Vista SP1 for more languages


Remote Administration tools (RSAT) now available!

Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows Vista for x86-based Systems http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=9ff6e897-23ce-4a36-b7fc-d52065de9960&DisplayLang=en Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows Vista for x64-based Systems http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=d647a60b-63fd-4ac5-9243-bd3c497d2bc5&DisplayLang=en This provides administrative tools, including GPMC, for Vista SP1.


Installing Vista SP1 on the machines you don’t manage

Vista SP1 is now available from MVLS, the download center, and from Windows Update.  As a trusted IT admin in Education what should you communicate to your constituents?  Here is some fodder. What changes in Vista SP1? Microsoft has published a website devoted to this topic – http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Windows/en-GB/help/ea7577b8-813f-47a5-ba05-2f5b2e436b281033.mspx As you might expect, there is a…


Vista SP1 – Standalone Update now on MVLS

Yesterday I promised the stand alone update would be coming soon.  I just checked and the 32-bit version is now available on the Microsoft Volume License Services website (MVLS).  I am expecting the 64-bit version to follow soon.  I’ll amend this post when I confirm it is online as well. If you want to make…


Where do I find Vista Enterprise on the Volume Licensing site?

Popular question this week – I would like to install Vista Enterprise SP1 but I am unable to find it on the volume license website for download.  Can you assist? There is a trick to locating it, just remember that Vista Enterprise is only available as a Software Assurance benefit.  The volume license option for…


Troubleshooting KMS Activation – Part 1, the client

Windows activation is simple and straightforward if you understand the components.  I have had a few customers that stumbled when getting a KMS online and in every case it has been an issue with name resolution, network connectivity, or they simply did not understand how to use the keys.  Activation is designed to help you…


Should school computers be thick, thin, or virtual?

A recent whitepaper linked from the UK Higher Education Blog delves in to this topic and explains the options with detail.  This is a very important discussion in my opinion and it encompassed over half of our LabMan 2007 closing keynote presentation last summer.  Although we got tons of compliments afterwards, I also heard it…


Reducing application conflicts on unmanaged faculty/staff machines

Yesterday a press release snuck out with several announcements regarding virtualization.  For full detail, link to Kevin’s post and then to the press announcement after the jump. Kevinsul’s Management Blog : Announcing the ‘Windows Installer Utility for MSFT Application Virtualization’ (and why you should care) This is a major opportunity for Education because we live…


Step 1 to check if an application will work on Windows Vista

… is to search for it on this site!  There is now an online resource dedicated to listing applications that have been certified for Windows Vista.  Almost a year from RTM, you will find a ton of applications are ready! http://windowsvista.com/appreadiness If you are a developer and would like your application listed, there is an…