UAG Setup system.exception

Was just building a UAG test server in our lab and came across an error, which was easily resolved and worth posting for others. From the splash screen I clicked install only to receive a “system.exception” error.  Even if I ran the .msi file directly, I would get a failure. A search returned one brief…


College Uses Application Virtualization to Deliver Course Software Easily, Inexpensively

That’s the subtitle of a case study that recently went online (so I’m not plagiarizing).  A colleague sent this over to me and I had the privilege of talking with these folks a couple of weeks ago.  Interesting details of this deployment (scroll down now to see why).  Reading the article I found some themes…


Best use of your bandwidth today – get these VHD files

John Baker has posted a link to virtual machine images that contain a full lab environment for Forefront FCS, ConfigMan, OpsMan, IAG, and Forefront for Exchange.  These are all new solutions that are worth some ramp time.  Why scour around trying to find each component when you can pull these pre-installed VMs?  I’m very interested…


NAP can work in Higher Education

In fact it already is.  One of the Technology Adoption Program (TAP) customers was in fact a University.  See the webcast here: I will do my best to get this represented at the Windows HI-ED conference. Technorati tags: Windows Server 2008, Network Access Protection


June 12th – Server 2003 SP2 hits Automatic Updates

 Just a quick note to make sure anyone subscribing to my blog gets this info.  Service Pack 2 for Server 2003 (yes, it has been out for a while now…) will be put on automatic updates June 12th.  See Sean’s site linked below for more detail and how to block it if needed. The Sean…


You cannot mod XP to Vista

A few times while visiting customers I’ve been asked the question: “So, if I apply all the latest patches, I install IE7, and I install Defender, does XP give me the same security as Vista?” NO, Absolutely not!  Much like many write-ups I saw posted early after the release of Vista, too often I find people simply install, poke around…


VPN to your Vista machine

This may not seem all that interesting at face value but there are a LOT of people in higher education who have workstations that use public IP’s.  There is a secure way to connect to your machine remotely.  Here’s how to setup your Windows Vista workstation to accept new incoming VPN connections.  This was also…


Cleaning HDDs before donating a machine

I just returned a laptop as part of our refresh cycle and decided to 0 out the drive using Linux before shipping it.  I tend to store a lot of customer data and I have no idea where the machine will go once it leaves my hands.  I know my process was not the most secure possible since I…


Schema Extensions for Windows Vista

There are two available schema extensions for Vista.  One is to enable a central recovery solution for BitLocker and the other is for configuration of network authentication.  Details below.    Configuring Active Directory to Back up Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption and Trusted Platform Module Recovery Information Source:   Active Directory Schema Extensions for Windows Vista Wireless and…


Link to article: BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool

 Josh, you beat me to it.  I can officially clear this from my Outlook 2007 todo bar.  Great article. When working with schools on BDD I try to find time to show how to enable the wizard page that automatically sets up the image install as prepared for Bitlocker.  If you have machines already deployed and…