Install the OS and enable roles Run Time: 9:59 In this session we walk through the installation of Windows Server 2008 R2 and how to enable the Hyper-V sole on your test server. The Hyper-V MMC Run Time: 16:25 In this episode we walk through the Hyper-V Manager MMC console and explore the settings configuration…

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Thanks for the interest!  Subscribing over Email is a simple one-time process.  It does require an account on the Microsoft TechNet/MSDN Community Server.  This account is not tied to Live ID or other communities, it is just a simple username/password and your Emaill address.  You will not receive other spam. Step 1: If you do not…

Links from presentations during the week of 3/9/2008

In order to cut down on the number of Emails that will circulate as follow-up traffic from presentations this week, I am posting all links here.  This page might be updated as the week goes on, if so I will annotate links accordingly to distinguish newer information.  This page is not syndicated and will not…


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