I’m back baby, and I’ve brought the HP Mini 1000 (or The Minzilla Project, Part Uno)

After many months away from the blog, I’m finally back.  You guys/gals in EDU have powned my calendar since Hyper-V went RTM.  I’ve decided to let all the stale Email in my inbox get staler (turns out that’s a word?) and get back to blogging, an activity I have been missing in my routine.  I’ve…


Popular Mechanics Video – Microsoft Surface

This is a great video if you want to sit back and see what everyone is talking about. http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/industry/4217348.html Looks like it’s in the process of being Dugg. Technorati tags: Microsoft Surface


Intel decided to go ahead and bring sexy back.

Wow.  This laptop looks about the size of a portfolio notebook, and when I say notebook I mean the pad of paper kind. http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/notebook-supermodel/intel-unveils-worlds-thinnest-laptop-almost-skinny-as-a-razr-263359.php Best of all, a wireless charging pad…


Why I need the HP 2710c tablet

I just keep getting more excited about the new line of tablets from HP.  You all know my fascination with HP gear to begin with, but here are a few more reasons, the things I don’t like about it so far (it’s not out yet), and my asks.  This machine looks as powerful as my…


New Sony VAIO desktops

Have you seen the new VAIOs?  WOW.  I was at Fry’s in Chicago yesterday.  Sony is obviously known for their stylistic form factor but this is impressive and actually pretty affordable.  You can get in to one of these fully loaded at around 1600 bucks.  Not great, but not 1000$ over what you would pay…


x64 drivers for the smartcard reader in HP laptops!

Sweet, I just heard, tested, and confirmed that the drivers HP has posted for the TI smartcard reader work for 64-bit even though they are only listed in the category for 32-bit versions of Vista.  I am only able to test this on my nc8430 and my nx6125, beyond those two models I have no idea…