Windows 7 Gadget – point and click time zone change

I travel a LOT and find myself in 2-3 time zones per week.  In Vista, a user could change time zones without elevation but it was nearly impossible to automate the process.  Windows 7 includes a command line utility to make time zone change automation a trivial step. I authored the attached gadget as a…


The Minzilla Project, Part Two

Yes, I am still alive!  Thanks to a couple of people who recently motivated me to get another post online. I’ve been travelling with my HP Mini 1000 for 2 months now.  I can honestly say I have no major issues that would cause me to turn back and carry a full sized laptop again…

Deploying Live to school computers

There are many bloggers/journalists actively discussing Windows Live publishing out several new free tools this month.  So what?  Well these tools will be available through WSUS which many schools already have in place, so deployment is very low-cost.  There is also a big “so what” across what the applications have to offer. These tools are…


Spend an hour today and think about mobile devices in schools

If it was just that easy…  Mobile devices in Education is something that we really do feel passionate about across my team at Microsoft.  Trying to find the right devices, and the right solutions, to provide value to the educational environment such that they are empowering tools for learning.  In many cases that means also…


Creating a "Digg This" Link for IE7

I’ve been wanting a shortcut I can stick in IE7 to quickly Digg sites.  I’m sure this exists somewhere but I didn’t find it right away so I wanted to post what I got to work in case I need to someday come back and find it quickly. javascript:void(location.href=’’+location.href) This is a combination of the…


Virtual Earth is now available via Instant Answer

I like Virtual Earth, in fact hopefully I get a post out tomorrow morning regarding a fun MapCruncher project I just completed.  Just need to retake some screenshots… I see on the VE blog that they have integrated with Instant Search.  Neat!  Instant Search is the name for the quick results you get at the…

Popular Mechanics Video – Microsoft Surface

This is a great video if you want to sit back and see what everyone is talking about. Looks like it’s in the process of being Dugg. Technorati tags: Microsoft Surface


This Week, May 29, 2007 – D5, Now That’s a Speaker Line-Up!

Every Monday I sit down to figure out what the hype of the week will focus on.  I’ve decided to start blogging about it as time allows.  I have no idea where this concept is going or whether I will keep it up…  🙂 There’s a conference going on this week in CA, hosted by…

Do you remember your first mp3?

My Saturday mornings often mean getting up early to play with the dog, kid, drinking coffee, and sitting down to search for new music.  That’s why I love subscription music services, it lets me download everything I can get my hands on and then delete out the things I later decide I don’t care for….

Microsoft partners with Facebook

 Exciting news!  Microsoft and Facebook have partnered to enrich the development community and tools for Facebook.  So what?  You’re not a developer?  No problem, the Facebook box is now live on PopFly! Link to Visual Studio Express: Showcase This builds value on previous partnerships with Facebook. Technorati tags: Facebook, Microsoft