UAG Setup system.exception

Was just building a UAG test server in our lab and came across an error, which was easily resolved and worth posting for others. From the splash screen I clicked install only to receive a “system.exception” error.  Even if I ran the .msi file directly, I would get a failure. A search returned one brief…


Backup Running Hyper-V VM’s using Windows Backup

The most popular question I receive is how to best perform backup/restore of virtual machines running in Hyper-V without taking them offline.  The best enterprise approach is Data Protection Manager and you may have already seen some of the extensions to this functionality in 2010.  But what if you have just one server at a…

Desktop Virtualization Hour

I just want to make sure I have all my bases covered and have invited everyone I can.    If you work in Education and have interest in VDI, this will be worth attending.  I’ll be scheduling a follow-up webcast specifically for Education, within the next few months. Desktop Virtualization Hour

Command line VSS snap of Hyper-V VMs

“What’s the easiest way to back up a Hyper-V VM on a stranded server at a remote site with low connectivity?”  I get this question a fair amount.  John’s blog post below shares an example script you could drop in place to schedule a VSS snap of Hyper-V VMs.  This is just one of MANY…

RDP7 for XP and Vista

Remote Desktop Protocol 7, the version which shipped with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, is available to install on Windows XP (x86) as well as Windows Vista (x86/x64).  This will bring the RDP7 functionality to those platforms including new functional enhancements including multiple monitors, bidirectional audio, multimedia enhancements (specific codecs), etc.  In my…

cool PS script – ipconfig info – just the facts please!

I came across a cool script today.  The intent is to limit the output from ipconfig to only enabled, TCP-bound NICs.  Of course this isn’t really ipconfig, it is a wmi call for net info but the result is the same.  I dig the frame output but decided to see how slim I could get it…

Get the name of a VM in Hyper-V from inside the VM

Something I discovered today in working on a project – it is possible to find out what the VM is named in Hyper-V from within the guest OS.  This is only possible if the IC’s are installed.  It is a registry key and can be queried in a script. Example: $Name = Get-ItemProperty -path "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Virtual…


VMM Script Series, Part 7 – Seperate VMs

I’m publishing some of the scripts I have written for VMM.  These are each based on specific customer asks or conversations that lead me to go sleepless in trying to solve the problems myself.  I am very interested in your feedback, especially if you would like to offer a change to improve efficiency or effectiveness….

Webcast today – Exchange/Hyper-V – Level 300

Just a reminder, TechNet Webcast scheduled for today on Best Practices for Virtualizing Exchange.  Delivered by PMs, level 300, so this is not just a broad overview.  Worth checking out.  If you are on central time, this runs over your lunch hour.