Bring it up a notch – integrate TS RemoteApp and SharePoint

I’ve been wanting to test this out and finally had some time this weekend.  I am meeting with a school on Tuesday to POC this so I wanted to prove it to myself first. Imagine you open your team site or web portal (whatever you choose to name it) to catch up on announcements, events,…


How schools can host their own Web 2.0 video sharing community

A new project for a video hosting platform called Video.Show has been announced by some of our developer evangelists.  The code doesn’t cost anything, in fact it is offered as an open source project.  It also appears to be ready for usage, not just a vision. A blog post on the topic caught my eye…


Finally, a laptop tough enough for students!!!

When I went off to college I sold my dirt bike and drum set to by a laptop.  Sad, sad state of affairs…  So I was protective of my laptop, I didn’t take it to class and rarely took it to the library.  I typically kept it on my desk for doing work because it…


TechReady – my commute via LiveMeeting (aka, running myself virtually)

While many, many, many people from our field have made the trek to Seattle this week to attend one of our bi-annual internal technology briefings I am attending from home.  I log in via the web and organize my Outlook calendar with the sessions I want to attend, and then join each session via LiveMeeting…


Using WS-Management to get a Remote Shell on Server Core

Over the last two weeks I must have built, tore down, and rebuilt my test lab 8 times.  I’ve been experimenting with every option I can come up with for my Hyper-V install to test performance, admin tools, and searching out answers to a variety of questions from customers I met with over the last…


Using OneNote Shared Sessions In The Classroom

Normally I do not just post links to other sites but this is a great! OneNote Shared Sessions for In-Class Groupwork | Teaching, Technology, and Learning


Teaching green

Congrats to my mom, who was recently recognized for her efforts to take her classroom outdoors and help students learn in the REAL world! A great first step towards helping students appreciate why they should care about the environment!  More info on the habitat at their site: They have really taken advantage of…