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Thanks for the interest!  Subscribing over Email is a simple one-time process.  It does require an account on the Microsoft TechNet/MSDN Community Server.  This account is not tied to Live ID or other communities, it is just a simple username/password and your Emaill address.  You will not receive other spam. Step 1: If you do not…


Migration paths from 2003 – 2008 Clustering

Due to feature changes between Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008, there is no support for a rolling in-place upgrade.  There is support for an in-place migration.  During a discussion last week on Server 2008, a question came up regarding the process. The difference is in a migration there is some down time.  You…


Manage Hyper-V from a workgroup machine

Great post from Nicola Delfino:


Isolation of Virtual Machine bus

Good information from the Virtualization team blog: "Each VM has a separate instance of VMBus.  VMBus is a bus only in the sense that multiple VSCs inside a VM share the same instance of VMBus.  This means that a local, kernel mode compromise of a VM will not reveal any data from other VMs.  That…


Console connect to a VM without opening the Hyper-V mmc

It is possible open the Hyper-V console for an individual VM without opening the full mmc.  You can do this either using the cmdlet that was just published by James O’Neill, or by creating a custom shortcut. PowerShell method See the recent post from James on his TechNet blog: Shortcut method Create a shortcut…


posting today – Vista SP1 for all 36 languages

From the Vista team blog: Starting today, users will be able to choose to manually install Windows Vista SP1 via Windows Update or download the standalone installer from the Microsoft Download Center (x86 and x64) for any of the 36 supported languages Windows Vista Team Blog : Releasing Windows Vista SP1 for more languages


Testing iSCSI Target Software

In a recent blog post one of our IT Pro Evangelists shared two iSCSI target software solutions that offer trial editions of their software.  Free iSCSI Target Software [MSFT-BE] Arlindo’s Blog – IT Pro Evangelist : Free iSCSI Target Software Several people asked me about iSCSI target software this week and where they might find…


Config tool for Server Core posted to community site

I received a link to this site from one of our field resources.  Very nice GUI tool to kick off the command lines that are needed to manage server core.  Could be handy.  See the link below for details. Features: Product Activation Configuration of display resolution Clock and time zone configuration Remote Desktop configuration Management…


Linux Integration Components for Hyper-V

I mentioned in several conversations this week that we would have integration components for other operating systems besides just Windows in the future.  Here is the Connect site for the Suse 10 Linux Integration Components.  I wasn’t sure whether this is public info, but there it is right in the Server 08 FAQ! Windows Server…


Minneapolis launch event today!

I am at the Minneapolis launch event today for Windows Server, SQL, and Visual Studio.  You can find me in the Windows Vista booth, we’ll be discussing SP1 and the "better together" features of Vista and Server 2008.  If you are attending the launch and especially if you are a guest from a university or…