Switch Vista from MAK back to being a KMS client

Let’s say you’ve built a new workstation and it is using an MAK but you want to switch it back to being a KMS client.  The guidance is here: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/windowsvista/plan/volact1.mspx#ConvertclientusingMAKtouseKMS But what is <setup key>?  Should you put your KMS key in the workstation?  NO!  Not unless you want it to be a KMS host…

Where to find technical information on TPM

 The Trusted Platform Module is not a Microsoft technology but Vista leverages TPM as a preferred hardware component when enabling BitLocker drive encryption.  The Trusted Computing Group maintains the specifications on TPM and provides a great deal of technical background information. Link to Trusted Computing Group: TPM

Use FolderShare to sync your new Vista machine with your old XP machine

I know several members of my family have been waiting to buy a new desktop because they wanted Vista.  How do you go about copying all your data between the two machines and what if you want to use both until you get comfortable?  No problem.  First off, I’ve found the Easy Transfer Wizard is…

Track shipments from the IE7 search field

I just stumbled across this and it works like a charm.  In IE7 you can provide a custom search provider by copying and pasting the URL string from search results in to a form.  This assumes of course that the URL string includes the keyword you use to search.  I regularly order online and very…


RTW of my other favorite tool

Paint.net is an absolute must-have.  It is the tool I use to build all the graphics for my site although that may not be saying that much…  🙂  Congrats on shipping the final build guys.  Great work. In other news, did you see the Feeds Plus install for IE7?  I use IE and Outlook for…

Back after a blog break

So it’s been weeks since I posted anything and I’m back!  I’ve been travelling pretty much nonstop to meet with Universities and talk about Vista.  I spoke at the launch event in Indianapolis on the public sector track.  That was really interesting because the night before I completely lost my voice.  It was still gone for…

I published a gadget. Search Live.com!

My Gadget on  Windows Live Gallery Tell me what you think.  I’d like to add functionality to search Live services such as Virtual Earth.  Perhaps have two buttons or some type of checkbox.


Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 on Vista

This is really good info to have on hand.  Source: Ohad’s WebLog : Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 on Vista  Original Source: http://www.windows-now.com/blogs/robert/archive/2006/12/31/installing-adobe-reader-8-on-windows-vista.aspx


Very cool AD jigsaw poster!

I had the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit poster hanging behind my door in college.  Sad, but true. Link to Michael Kleef ::: MSFT : Active Directory Component Jigsaw – released to the web This is pretty good too. http://blogs.msdn.com/michael_howard/archive/2006/11/16/expired.aspx

Credential Provider Samples

I know a few schools out there are working on custom credential providers for Vista.  I have heard of projects such as authenticating to third party kerb realms, etc.  The code samples for Vista RTM have been posted and may be of value.  Link to Download details: Credential Provider Samples [Updated 1/3/7 11:45 PM] I just saw…