How to use the Snipping Tool to capture context menus

I use this almost every day.  If you read my blog you’ll notice I love screenshots and I always have a green border around them.  That comes from a setting I have applied to the Vista Snipping Tool.  Initially I was capturing good stuff but was frustrated when I did a right-click, then hit New…


How to bring back your stock Vista sidebar gadgets

 I long ago deleted the stock RSS gadget in Vista since I wasn’t using it.  Just the other day I decided I wanted it back for a special application.  All is not lost.  Those gadgets are stored in Program Files, presumably just to prevent people like me from doing permanent damage.  I found the following…


Edit the registry on a mounted WIM

This is an incredibly valuable task.  Windows Vista employs “Image Based Setup”, meaning their is no more i386 folder.  Instead, Windows now comes on the DVD as an image that is copied and expanded during setup.  An admin can capture a custom .WIM windows image and mount the WIM to add/modify/remove files.  Did you know…


Configuring iSCSI MPIO on Windows Server 2008 R2 (full)

We have recently gone through the process of wiping out our lab and rebuilding from scratch on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise.  During this process, I recorded the steps I used to configure MPIO with the iSCSI initiator in R2.  Just to make life more complex, our servers only have 2 NICs, so I am…


Use ImageX without installing WAIK

I’ve heard a few people actually say ImageX.exe is included with Vista.  That’s not technically accurate.  ImageX is most certainly a value add to Vista but it is packaged separately in a download called “WAIK” or Windows Automated Installation Kit.  So let’s say you want to use ImageX but don’t want to run the full…


TFTP client in Vista

At a presentation last week a gentleman asked me if Vista includes a tftp client.  Today I was poking around in the Vista add/remove features and there it is!  Below is the command line output of tftp /?.


Arrange your Outlook To-Do bar, Franklin-Covey style

 Quick tip  – I’ve been a Franklin-Covey user for many years now.  I might not have survived college without it faithfully by my side.  I learned through their training to use the priority method of assigning things based on have to, need to, want to, or whichever terms you would like to apply.  I then…


KMS 1.1 for Server 2003 is Release to Web

The new version of KMS for Server 2003 is now available for download.  As stated on the site, KMS version 1.1 for Windows Server 2003 provides: A single KMS host which supports volume license editions of both Windows Vista RTM/SP1 and Windows Server 2008 Running KMS version 1.1 in a Windows Server 2003 virtual machine…


Another good use for vhdmount, mounting Vista backups

I just read a great post on MSDN blogs regarding vhdmount, a tool in Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 Beta 2 (that’s a seriously long name) that allows you to mount VHD files to the host operating system, and with the registry changes in this write-up you can associate the executable with the file type…


I’m back baby, and I’ve brought the HP Mini 1000 (or The Minzilla Project, Part Uno)

After many months away from the blog, I’m finally back.  You guys/gals in EDU have powned my calendar since Hyper-V went RTM.  I’ve decided to let all the stale Email in my inbox get staler (turns out that’s a word?) and get back to blogging, an activity I have been missing in my routine.  I’ve…