Microsoft Admins in Higher Education – Technical Conference – Registration Open

Each year we host around 100 IT Pros from universities all around the country (and the world) in Redmond for a three day conference.  This is organized by a committee from the Windows HIED listsrv hosted by Stanford University and has a focus on NOT being a sales event, rather a chance for administrators in higher education to interface directly with product teams in Redmond and listen in on technical presentations regarding infrastructure focused solutions.

Even if you are not a subscriber of the listsrv but you are a technical resource from a college or university, you are welcome to join us!  If you are curious about the technical focus, see the agenda posted to the HIED wiki.  You must be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement form as some of the content is “next version” planning information.  The official invite details are below.  Hope to see you there!

Windows HiEd Conference 2009


Working in conjunction with Windows-Hied listsrv representatives, Microsoft Education is pleased to host the 5th Windows Hied Conference at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, WA, March 30th – April 1st,  2009.

Conference Goals

As has always been the case for this event, it is NOT a sales or marketing event.  Attendees generally have deep technical background in both Microsoft as well as UNIX/Linux operating systems.  Presentation responsibilities are being split by Microsoft and customer attendees and focus the following primary goals:

  • Provide highly relevant product and solution discussion as well as tips and tricks for better evaluating, deploying, integrating, administering, supporting and simplifying Microsoft solutions in the higher education environment

  • Illicit product input and feedback to ensure product teams understand the needs of the HED customer base

  • Learn of unique challenges and successes of Microsoft product deployment from customer presentation sessions

  • Provide an informal venue to discuss additional issues and topics

  • Increase the trust and confidence of customer attendees in deploying and supporting Microsoft solutions

  • Provide Microsoft product teams an opportunity to talk to a focused and strategic group of knowledgeable HED customers

Event Logistics

NOTE - This event is limited to administrators from education.  To ensure adequate capacity, please do not register unless you are an administrator from a school/university.  We cannot guarantee refunds for those who register from other industries.

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