Uninstall applications from Server Core

There is no add/remove programs or programs and features dialogue, so how do you remove applications?

Start by opening regedit and expanding to the section where all applications should publish their installation data (according to the Windows Application Compatibility Guidelines).  If the application does not store data here, you will need to seek out additional support from the vendor.


In this case I’ll use the C++ Redistributable as an example but it could be any application.  See the value “UninstallString”.  Double click and copy the contents to the command line.  This funny looking string of characters is the GUID for the application.  Windows Installer will associate the value with the application and initiate the uninstall process.


Comments (7)

  1. baryt says:


    I couldn’t find the program I wanted to download but with a search in the HKLM after the name of the program, I managed to find it,

    and made the unistall via CLI




  2. J Nord says:

    Nice post!  Very useful and problem solved in 3 minutes.


  3. mynameisnotbob says:

    Great post! Another trick to throw in my bag. Thank you!

  4. Michael R N says:

    Than you!  This was helpful.  I also had look elsewhere to find the 'UninstallString' key for my application:


  5. HS says:

    For anyone who can't find their application in HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstall

    you need to also look into:


  6. Ally says:


    What can be done is there is no "uninstall string" how can you remove the software?

  7. Andy Arismendi says:

    This is awful why is there no command line equivalent of add/remove programs?!?! Get on it please! Need appwiz.exe remove , appwiz.exe list [wild card] etc….

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