What is the quickest/easiest way to open the Network Connections page in Vista/2008

In other words to get to this page.


I’ll be honest, having to navigate through the Network and Sharing Center can sometimes be an extra step for me rather than a value-add.  At times it can be very helpful, at other times I just want to get to the IP configuration page for a network adapter as quickly and with as few keystrokes/clicks as possible.  Here is a shortcut.

I launch this directly from the Vista/2008 Start Menu search field by typing ncpa.cpl and hitting Enter.

You could also create a new shortcut that launches ncpa.cpl and then add it to the Start Menu or “Pin it” to the list of frequently used apps in the left column of the Start Menu.  I’m a heavy keyboard user so typing is actually faster for me, other may find clicking more to their liking.  This will work in either case.

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    Vista – Quickest Way to Network Adapters Config

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