Where do I find Vista Enterprise on the Volume Licensing site?

Popular question this week – I would like to install Vista Enterprise SP1 but I am unable to find it on the volume license website for download.  Can you assist?

There is a trick to locating it, just remember that Vista Enterprise is only available as a Software Assurance benefit.  The volume license option for Vista Business with SA actually includes "w/VisEnterprise" in the name.  So to download it, rather than looking under the Windows section, scroll down and look under Software Assurance.

Look for this logo –


Expand it to find –


Note that the "upgrade" you seen here does not upgrade from RTM to SP1, rather an upgrade from XP, or Vista Business, just like there was a Vista Enterprise upgrade disk for Vista RTM.  The SP1 stand alone update should be hitting the site soon so you can in place upgrade existing Vista machines.

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