Where to find the volume license key for Mac Office?

I have seen a flurry of Email over the past two days on volume license keys for Mac Office 2008.  It seems that information has not been made clear on whether you need a volume license key and where to get it.

I do not work for the MacBU so I cannot speak on their behalf but I am happy to share the results of our discussion thread.  Mac Office comes in two versions, volume and retail.  The volume license is available from a licensing agreement (such as a Campus or School Agreement) and retail refers to the version you would purchase in a store.

Just like other Microsoft products, the retail version of Mac Office has a key printed on a label packaged with the media.  That key should be used when installing or re-installing.  To the best of my knowledge you cannot use a volume key with the retail media, or a retail key with volume media.  (when I say media I am referring to the disc)

The volume media is available for download (Visit the Microsoft Volume License Services Web site).  You do not need to also obtain a separate volume license key.  The key is embedded in the media so you can deploy Mac Office without having to worry about which key to use.  The how-to documentation for installing from a central file share is available at:


imageSee the screen capture to the left I took from the page.  Here it specifically notes that the installation will not ask for a key.

If you happen to get information indicating otherwise, rest assured you now have the answer!

Now, being the Windows guy I have to say - go install Vista on it...  😉

Comments (2)

  1. B.R. says:

    My favorite part is getting the License agreement, Registering it on Eopen, and not having the download available.

    Even if the key is embedded, it doens’t help when downloads aren’t available.

    I think Microsoft just kinda glitched this one. Happens to all of us at times.

  2. AS says:

    I have heard that it takes a day or two before it shows up as a download, and as frequently as MS has previously changing the website, it sometimes can be a pain navigating the site, it took me awhile to realize they put Win7 Enterprise at the bottom separate from the rest of the Windows operating system.

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