HP brings sexy back

HP has launched a series of press announcements over the last few weeks that include their new Blackbird gaming PC, their new HDX "Dragon" laptop, a new line of MediaSmart TVs, information about their MediaSmart servers (Windows Home Server), and they have stolen my heart by positioning a very aesthetically pleasing laptop over at my local Best Buy...

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Terrible photos I took from my phone don't do this hardware justice.  In person this is the most attractive laptop I have ever found, PC or otherwise.


42" LCD with built in wireless and Media Connect?  I'm in.  I could hang this on the wall and stream Diggnation or Totally Rad Show without having to run any wires other than power.  What's more, it supports DivX, H.264, and DVR-MS!!!  I almost passed out when I saw the "Recorded TV" button on the remote.  This will literally pull recorded shows off a Media Center without an extender!

image image


3 models above represent a new line of gear with focus on winning back consumers who are starting to question whether PCs can still be cool.  Although the server is not exactly something I would set on the mantle, it is one of the most useful pieces of tech I hope to buy this year.  The laptop has an ejectable remote control, TV tuner, and HDMI out.  The desktop is built to attract PC gamers who are looking for high performance in a stealthy chassis.

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