An animated reference to help Students/Teachers learn Office 2007

I have had an opportunity to meet with school administrators on the value of Vista/Office in Education.  One common fear is whether students/teachers will be able to quickly transition to the new ribbon interface in Office 2007.  It is not well advertised but there is a free tool online that starts with the Office 2003 interface for a user to click on, and it then animates to show how the same task is accomplished in Office 2007.  This is of value to anyone who is trying to "learn by doing" regardless of whether you are in an academic environment.

Aids are available for the following Office applications:




There are also add-ins for Office 2007 so that links to these aids, as well as other online training and videos are added under a new ribbon titled "getting started."

Word 2007 Add-in: Get Started Tab

Excel 2007 Add-in: Get Started Tab

PowerPoint 2007 Add-in: Get Started Tab

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  1. cindy moszee says:

    I would like information on powerpoint and integrating audio and how to work with animation…

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