Spend an hour today and think about mobile devices in schools

If it was just that easy...  Mobile devices in Education is something that we really do feel passionate about across my team at Microsoft.  Trying to find the right devices, and the right solutions, to provide value to the educational environment such that they are empowering tools for learning.  In many cases that means also changing perceptions.  On my team we have one person dedicated to mobility in Education but there are several of us who are sort of peripherally tied to the conversation as it bridges to unified communications, or in my case things like UMPCs.

I saw on Technorati that Tom Jackson linked to my Server 08 post.  That lead me to a link he posted pointing to Robert Scoble's kyte.tv site and an interview he did recently with Prof. Elliot Soloway.  After you open the site click on the thumbnail "Teacher of The Year Part 1".  This is a conversation regarding how mobile devices can benefit Education, the changing perceptions, and possible patterns that will lead to integration.  How better to start your weekend then a to get your mind churning on a fascinating and important issue?

Link directly to the kyte.tv site

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  1. Absolutely!  I’m always on the lookout for new bloggers in Education and I definetly appreciate a more global perspective.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We support any and all endeavors that are geared toward bringing more technology into kids hands.  Forgive the pun but they are our future and the more we can do for them now the better.

    Supporting the kids.

    Chuck LaPenta



  3. Tom Jackson says:

    Thanks for mentioning my site. I’ve only just started it as a result of finding your site and others like it so informative. I hope you don’t meind me passing some of your thoughts and news along on this "side of the pond"

  4. Jon Nowicki says:

    I personally believe mobile devices, that bridge home and school, will enhance learning. The issue is to get the context right. In many ways the technology is a given, its what we do with it. Many mobile device projects in the UK have an initial impact but over time this tails off, the novelty goes. At Shireland Learning/LP+ we are frantically developing mobile sites within our Microsoft learning gateway. This will allow students to communicate, collaborate and share using mobile devices. We are also reengineering a lot of our automarkable content so that it works on mobile devices. Lastly we are developing sessions for senior managers in schools to understand the context of learning through mobile devices

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