This Silverlight tutorial is worth your time

Remember this basic tutorials that Macromedia used to put out so new users could get up to speed quickly?  I've been looking for something similar on Silverlight.  I found it.

nibbles tutorials

Simple, short, well written.  It took a matter of minutes to get the basic concepts down and go create something.  I rebuilt my banner in Silverlight just for kicks.

Spend a few minutes and you immediately start to see why this deserves so much attention.  The project seamlessly moved between tools as opposed to being a foreign multimedia object and trying to code around it.

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Comments (4)

  1. I’ll correct the banner in the middle of my page, but I just confirmed that yes, the nibbles tutorial is still there and works great in IE.  click "step by step".

  2. Harnt says:

    This doesn’t even work. It spits out errors. Very worth my time.

  3. I just verified the site is still up and working perfectly.  In fact they have added some great new material for Silverlight 2!

  4. a developer says:

    Its not working both in IE & Firefox,

    also where is the material

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