Best placard to ask for money, ever

Spotted last week while we were in Seattle.  I did not actually see this sign but a friend of mine saw the guy and unfortunately didn't have any money to give him.

"Dad killed by Ninjas, need money for Karate lessons."

If anyone has a photo, please post.

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Comments (3)

  1. Joe Davies says:

    I wonder if it was the Forefront Ninjas…


  2. JoseBarreto says:

    If you friend was attending TechReady5, I was there as well and I saw a guy with that sign on the corner of Pike & 7th in downtown Seattle.

    That one is actually older than you think. The original was "Ninjas killed my family. Need money for Kung-Fu lessons".

    Check this picture:

  3. jerry says:

    I guess these ninjas really hate homeless people or they all go to the same interweb page:

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