Cool tip from Lifehack

Each day I gain a bit more appreciation for a site called "Lifehack".  It's the type of site I would love to contribute to.  As a blogger I respect sites who bring real material almost every day without introducing a bunch of opinionated nonsense just to get a rise out of people.  I have learned from Lifehack and occasionally something I read there will cause me to bring back good habits or dump bad ones.  The content is not typically technical in nature, but sometimes they mix one in to keep it fresh.

Well here's a tip they posted over the weekend.

Insert Tables in Word 2007 Without the Mouse -

It's this simple - if you want to insert a table in Word 2007, you could use the very simple drag and drop table insert method.  You know, if you're a sucker...  😉


Or, you could keep your fingers on the board, so to speak, and drop in a new table through a series of dashes and plus signs.  A one row, three column table, would be created using the pattern below.  The table will appear with you hit Enter at the end.


How cool is that?  Thanks Lifehack!

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