This Week, June 11, 2007 – WWDC and It’s a boy

Posting on Tuesday, "Sounds like a case of the Mondays?"  Maybe.

The big IT event this week is the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.  The Steve Jobs keynote presentation took place yesterday and focused on Leopard and an announcement that Apple is releasing Safari for Windows.  I haven't tried it yet to determine an opinion.  Overall, the world was obviously looking for iPhone hype and didn't get it.  I have no doubt WWDC will attract a majority of news coverage over the next few days as people take rumors and beat them to death.

BTW, could it take any longer for the official video stream to get published?

I've seen several posts making observations from screenshots.  People did that around Vista too.  Ugh.  Look, if making broad observations from almost no technical information gets you 15,000 subscribers, I'm fine with my 50...

 In Microsoft related news, Virtual Server R2 SP1 has gone RTM.  Check out the new web site.  The highlight IMHO is the pre-built VHDs of various products -

Exchange Server 2007
ISA Server 2006
SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2005/Exchange 2007
System Center Essentials 2007
System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007 Beta 2
Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite
Windows Server 2003 R2
Windows Vista

Also interesting - Microsoft hired Tom Hanrahan, a 30 year veteran of open source development, to contribute to the Open Source Software lab.  I'm hoping to work with the lab on a write-up this summer, stay tuned to see if I can make that happen...

The best news this week, and the reason I held off for a day - we just got back from the Dr. and found out we are having a boy.  It will be nice to bring things back in to balance, I've been out numbered for a few years now.  Cheers.

You can barely make out a little finger pointing up there on the left hand, that's my son giving me the ole' FTW (for the win).  Well, it's easier to see on the video...  😉


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