Virtual Earth is now available via Instant Answer

I like Virtual Earth, in fact hopefully I get a post out tomorrow morning regarding a fun MapCruncher project I just completed.  Just need to retake some screenshots...

I see on the VE blog that they have integrated with Instant Search.  Neat!  Instant Search is the name for the quick results you get at the top of the results page on  If you search for a company you can get their info, stock price, etc.  Sports teams - scores.  Etc.

Go ahead, search MSN or for an address, or simply "traffic".  Traffic is awesome, it tracks back to your location and shows any traffic alerts, and in my case it even revealed one possible cause!  Of course, if I had a VPN session open to Redmond, I'm sure my results would vary.  🙂


Virtual Earth / Live Maps: Instant Answer for Maps and Traffic added

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