This Week, May 29, 2007 – D5, Now That’s a Speaker Line-Up!

Every Monday I sit down to figure out what the hype of the week will focus on.  I've decided to start blogging about it as time allows.  I have no idea where this concept is going or whether I will keep it up...  🙂

There's a conference going on this week in CA, hosted by the Wall Street Journal, named D5 or "D: All Things Digital".  So if you were going to coordinate a conference in spring 2007, who would you invite as speakers?  WSJ isn't messing around.  Check out this list from their website - Speakers.

Impressive!  Just to make sure they take advantage of this opportunity, tomorrow D5 has a joint presentation with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Bill Gates | Chairman, Microsoft

Steve Jobs | CEO, Apple

Steve Ballmer | CEO, Microsoft

George Lucas | Film director and producer

Eric Schmidt | Chairman and CEO, Google

Steve Case | Chairman and CEO, Revolution

John Chambers | Chairman and CEO, Cisco Systems

Les Moonves | President and CEO, CBS

Ann Moore | Chairman and CEO, Time Inc.

Peter Chernin | President and COO, News Corp.

Jeff Hawkins | Founder of Palm Computing

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen | Founders of YouTube

Philippe Dauman | President and CEO, Viacom

Senator John McCain | United States Senator from Arizona

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