Do you remember your first mp3?

My Saturday mornings often mean getting up early to play with the dog, kid, drinking coffee, and sitting down to search for new music.  That's why I love subscription music services, it lets me download everything I can get my hands on and then delete out the things I later decide I don't care for.

Do you recall your first mp3?  Mine was "Counting Blue Cars" by Dishwalla.  I clearly remember ripping the track from CD using a command line tool in Win98 and being astonished at the clarity, and having it stored on my hard drive!  Of course, at that time the hard drive on my Compaq Pentium 120 laptop was 1 GB.  Ripping an mp3 was also the first time I realized 1 GB may not be the expanse of space I first imagined...

Counting Blue Cars - Dishwalla

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