Why I need the HP 2710c tablet

I just keep getting more excited about the new line of tablets from HP.  You all know my fascination with HP gear to begin with, but here are a few more reasons, the things I don't like about it so far (it's not out yet), and my asks.  This machine looks as powerful as my nc8430, in a tablet!



  • Engadget rumors say they may sport LED displays
  • Core 2 Duo Ultra Low Voltage Processor
  • Up to 4 GB of memory
  • 100 GB HDD 4200 rpm SMART PATA
  • 12" display (so it's portable)
  • Did I mention it has a tablet display?
  • Integrated EVDO
  • The Overview page describes an integrated webcam and dual-microphone array which will be perfect when using Live Server and LiveMeeting 2007!


  • 4200 rpm SMART PATA?  4200? Powersavings I guess?
  • 2 USB ports?  I'd gladly trade the FireWire port for USB
  • No smartcard reader, which I could live with if it had PCMCIA instead of Express
  • No touchpad?
  • Integrated Video RAM, which is ok given the 4 GB max


  • HP has an awesome multibay II module which they seem to never use in laptops and the external adaptor either requires an AC plug or a special port that they also never seem to use.  I would love to see the multibay II in the expansion base!
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