Features I’d like to see in a Podcast subscription tool

Or a podcatcher, if you like trendy, made-up words.

Here's the basic features I am looking for:

  • Support the Vista centralized feed list
  • Automatically download RSS enclosures without me doing anything
  • Support for any enclosure type - IOW, leave format support up to the player, your job is to pull down the files
  • Store them in the folder of my choice depending on file type, videos in one folder and audio files in another, as opposed to per feed
  • Create a playlist for Podcasts across any feeds I choose and update the list as new files arrive and old files are deleted, this would include both videos and audio files
  • Allow me to customize the metadata as enclosures are downloaded such as custom genre and tags, and allow this to be applied to individual or multiple feeds
  • Rules for downloading the X number of most recent posts
  • Archiving - automatically delete old files as new downloads complete
  • Options to run manually or at startup but stay out of my systray
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