My first real Popfly project!

Ok, WOW.  Popfly is incredible.  Here's my first app, or if you want to see the end result just click the link in my column on the right for "Plot my visitors on Virtual Earth".  It will plot the visitors to my blog.  Now granted, the data is hit or miss, "dirty in dirty out" as they say.  Blogflux is reporting City, Country rather than City, Region, Country so the data sometimes plots perfectly and sometimes does not.  I submitted a request on their forums.

Data aside, designing and implementing this in Popfly took all of 5 minutes once I had a chance to play around with it and figure out how everything fits together.  As time goes on and we see more and more blocks to introduce data and manipulate the information in interesting ways I can only imagine where this is going to go.


This is ground control to Major Tom...

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