How to quickly discover Office 2007 keyboard shortcuts

I use flagged items A LOT.  I live and die by the Outlook To-Do bar.  In fact, I always feel on top of Email because I can effectively triage it from my phone by moving it in to folders and then flagging those items when I get back to my laptop.  I have the process down to where it only takes seconds.  Once I get my hands on Mobile 6 (supports flagged items) I'll really feel I have Email under control!

I've found other articles on the web about this but it didn't really sink in until today I realized that I was taking to long to move my hand over to the mouse, move up to follow-up, and click complete, and then move on to the next item.  It would be nice if I could do this without leaving the keyboard. 

Ah-ha!  You can!

From any app, including when you have a new message open in Outlook, use Alt+H to show shortcuts over the Home ribbon.  You can use Alt+<letter> to show this for any of the ribbons.


So to mark an item complete when you have it open, use Alt+H, W, M.  This may seem extreme if you haven't tried it but I find it to be extremely simple now that I know it is there.


The reason this is so cool - it means you can use the keyboard to do just about anything in Office 2007.  Anything undiscovered as a keyboard shortcut you can Alt+<letter> your way to doing!

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  1. Michael Daehn says:

    Somehow 20 minutes of searching MS help files did not answer this simple question.

    Thanks for the tip 🙂

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