Excellent PowerShell Training

Each year my manager approves enough budget for our team to attend some sort of reasonably priced training.  Being product specialists, each of us has different interests and most of us want to learn something that is peripheral to our focus so we might expand our knowledge to other areas.  I started searching for courses on PowerShell but really had a tough time finding one that was both affordable and had the content I was looking for.

I got lucky.  A customer I have had the pleasure of working with for a long time communicated that they were bringing an instructor on site for a 4-day class specifically on PowerShell.  I immediately bought a seat and one for Kevin.

I am happy to report the class was excellent!  Don Jones from Sapien Technologies was the instructor.  Don is a PowerShell MVP and is obviously well engaged with the product team.  He did a very nice job helping us understand why PowerShell is so important and then took a sensible approach to comparing it to other languages and tools, how to use it as an administrative tool, and how to expand upon PowerShell to solve interesting problems.  I really enjoyed it and would recommend Don as an instructor for others who might be looking for onsite instruction.  Sapien also offers several flavors of self paced instruction and literature.

Website: http://www.scriptingtraining.com/classes.asp
Blog: http://blog.sapien.com/
Book: http://www.sapienpress.com/powershell.asp

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