Link : BDD 2007 – Tips and Tricks – Patching Vista

Ben is a great BDD resource and the original creator of the idea to open notepad as an application during the capture process.  If you are interested in BDD, subscribe to Ben's feed.  This article shows how to "mod" the ZTIPatches script so that BDD can deploy update patches in addition to Language Packs.  You may have already discovered that if you otherwise try to apply patches using BDD, for example if you share your distribution folder between BDD and SIM and it already contains patches, they do not appear in the LTI menu.  With this change they will and the only consequence appears to be that Language Packs could potentially get applied more than once.  Careful planning can easily thwart that caveat. 

Link to Ben Hunter : BDD 2007 - Tips and Tricks - Patching Vista

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