Link: Mac OS X on Virtual PC 2007 (April 1, 2007)

So, I'd say someone was on the ball just waiting for "April Fools!"  This appears to be a very well constructed practical joke for April Fools Day.

(I admit this suckered me in.  I came back and modified my post after testing and remembering what day it is...)

"As we have just announced over 1 MILLION downloads of Virtual PC 2007 (since its release on February 19, 2007), I have been cleared to post about a hidden feature in VPC 2007.  As it is still in a Technical Beta phase, the option to enable support for the installation of Mac OS X  is not part of the GUI, but can be enabled at runtime with a command line switch.  Although the feature is still experimental, I have been running it at home for the last 2 months, and have had very few stability problems."

Source: Running Mac OS X on Virtual PC 2007

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  1. uday says:

    i have been trying very hard to run mac os on my virtual pc or even vm ware,since past one year…

    on my x86..

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