Space in the system tray

I just learned something new about Vista.  I've noticed there was an empty space on the system tray but didn't understand why.  It's a divider between system applications and 3rd party apps with systray icons.

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  1. Hey Keith.  So, the BT icon they probably classify as a driver-add so that makes sense.  The other isn’t WU it’s Windows Sidebar.  I’m not sure why it’s over there but I know who to ask…  I’ll post what I can find.

  2. Just checking back…  The network connection, battery, volume control, etc, are considered to be system icons vs. the SideBar icon which is considered an application running on top of Windows.

  3. Keith Combs says:

    Then why is eTrust and Communicator grouped next to the Windows Update and Bluetooth icons?

  4. Thanks! Just to note, I’ve got Win7 on my netbook and the sys tray management is significantly improved over XP/Vista, in my humble opinion.

  5. Osman Birinci says:

    I just googled and found this post. I’m new to vista and thought that my system was corrupt due to that blank spot. Great to hear that this is regular function. Thanks.

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