Link: SoftGrid Virtual Labs

 Finally back to my office for some lab time to rework demos and presentation content.  In fact, before the week is over I hope to reach out to a few of you MVPs for input!

I'm excited to see this virtual lab for testing SoftGrid come online, especially with SMS integration!  If you are managing desktops in an EDU environment, take a look at SoftGrid or try out this virtual Hands On Lab, or come see us at MMS (  SoftGrid knocks down all the "rules" I had taught myself for software management.

Speaking of "Virtual Labs", SoftGrid is capable of managing terminal services farms or delivering applications to clients over the web.  So if you have considered virtualizing your computer labs for distance learning access, inclimate weather, etc - this is a solution.

Link to The World Simplified is a Virtual World : Give SoftGrid a try (Virtual Labs)

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    Michael Greene posts a link to SoftGrid Virtual labs. Finally back to my office for some lab time to

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