Get your Vista machine ready for St. Patrick’s Day!

You wouldn't want to bring bad luck to your gear would you?  Here's a simple trick to bring good luck and avoid pinching...

More info on St. Patrick's Day

1. Right click on your desktop and select "Display Settings".  The click on "Windows Color and Appearance".

2. Select the drop-down arrow next to "Show color mixer".  Slide the Hue over to the center of the green and then try a bit to the left or right of center until you are happy with the color.  I found sliding Saturation and Brightness all the way to the right worked well.

The end result is a transparent green frame on your windows and task bar.  When you want to revert back you can simply click on one of the default colors in the Color and Appearance window from step 2.  The settings I've applied have almost a green-slime appeal.  I dig it!

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