Longhorn Server WDS – multicast? YEAH BABY!!!

Looking over the TechNet master OPML this morning and came across this post.  This has been a major ask from customers in education, especially those who deploy and manage computer labs.  Earlier this year I submitted a long list of customers in education who specifically have asked for this feature, I'm not saying I was the only one who pushed for it but man it's good when you can do right for your customers!

Now, keep in mind, nothing has gone RTM yet so don't go counting any chickens...

While the original WDS release plan was to have the feature set between WDS on Server 2003 and WDS on LH Server be identical, new hardware trends and customer feedback have necessitated some new feature development. Without further delay, we’d like to go ahead and announce the availability of three new features for WDS in LH Server –

1. Multicast.

2. TFTP download enhancements.

3. EFI x64 network boot support.

Link to Where System Builders Talk Shop... : WDS New Features Comming!!

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