More Windows Live™ services sneak out on Virtual Earth; New

Virtual Earth keeps drawing my attention.  Seriously, have you seen the features they’ve been adding?  I noticed they now have a wifi hotspot locator.  The only thing I don’t see is a way to submit new hotspots, for example it lists the UPS store in my area but a St. Louis Bread Company (Panera) opened a couple of weeks ago and I wish I could submit it as another hotspot.  There must be a legal issue or something, I’m sure they don’t want it to be a place for people to submit unprotected wireless networks they’ve found.

Link to Windows Live™ WiFi Hotspot Locator Beta

Also, I see on the Virtual Earth team blog that now when you trace in a custom map it will measure distance for you.  I have a friend who’s an ultra-marathon runner.  I’m sure he’ll be all over this.

I also just learned that you can navigate Virtual Earth with an Xbox 360 controller.  Yeap, this has been there in Virtual Earth 3D all along and I didn’t realize it until I heard about it by proxy of a friend who had recently been visiting with the group on campus.  I guess I’ll have to start taking a controller on the road with me when I demo.  This all adds value to the third pillar.  It’s been a while since I traveled with Xbox gear but with Halo 3 going to beta I may have to start lugging the extra weight again.

Finally, I know this is a “me too” thing but I want to point out the new

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  1. Rob says:

    for your friend the marathon runner – here’s a link i created for the marine marathon in DC…!242

    the interesting part is that when the latest virtual earth released, the new measurement ability automatically applied to existing lines!