Staging Vista for network installation using setup.exe

I'm working through all the different scenarios I anticipate schools will leverage to stage and deploy Vista.  This is probably the simplest.  You just take a Vista DVD and copy setup.exe from the root as well as the "Sources" folder and everything in it to share.  You can replace the install.wim file within the sources folder with your own custom image and you can specify an XML answer file when setup.exe is executed or just step through the few prompts that Vista asks when a user runs setup.  This offers the benefit of GUI based setup and can be launched from XP, WinPE, or an existing Vista machine.  Through the benefits of the WIM technology you could offer several different images this way by appending each to the WIM and letting the user choose.  You could also fully automate this approach by configuring a USB key to run WinPE and run setup after boot.

Hope to have time to work on another video later this evening...

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