Hooked on podcasts… (webcasts, netcasts, whatever)

Many years ago when I heard podcasts were becoming available I knew it was only a matter of time before content was available to match my interests.  <sigh>  Well, it's definitely happening and since I got my Zune I'm hooked.  I'm still playing around with different receivers but I keep coming back to IE7.  It gets the job done without an extra app.  Once RSS Bandit adopts the central OPML in Vista I'll probably go back as it has been my choice for quite some time.

A couple of thoughts

  • This was bound to happen, my father and his father have long listened to talk radio.  As far as I can tell podcasts are to talk radio what music service subscriptions are to CDs.
  • I tried out podcasts on my Zen:M and didn't stick to it.  I also have listened to CNET news on my Q for some time especially when I travel.  I'm not sure why Zune took me to addiction level but it is overall a more enjoyable experience.

I won't point you directly to the podcasts but here are some of the sites that host them

  • CNET News.com
  • TWIT.tv
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